Training for Bicycle Across America

Thursday, July 2, 2009


I know you won't believe this, but this amazing journey of mine is reaching the mid-point! Of the 52 days, we're on day 26!

There are tough times & joyous times, but it's all part of the fun. Although some might say "fun". It's such a rewarding experience and it's difficult to put into words.

I hope that you'll continue to email, call, and follow my blog. I am so appreciative of your support and love.


  1. great job dad!

  2. Those are some great pictures Dad! You make us proud!

  3. I work with Nina. I commented on one of ur photos and she gave me this site. You are such an inspiration!! U are in my thoughts and prayers thoughout this amazing journey.

  4. I've been following your journey ... and cannot wait to begin my own transcontinental ride in 2010! Your blog is an inspiration - not only for those who share similar goals of cycling across North America - but for anyone who has sought a dream that truly makes them feel life. Best wishes on the remainder of your bike ride!

  5. Zero,

    We are following your bike trip!
    Happy July 4th weekend!

    Adamczyk family

  6. Every day we receive a present from the Creator.. whole day to use in the best possible way... How many of us open the present without thinking what is inside! Zero, you opened your present with enthusiasm. Nothing happens by accident.. We all appreciate what you have done, and we are proud of you. Wonjong